Leiden has over 2800 monuments. The city center is ideal for exploring on foot. With more than a thousand shops and restaurants in the center, Leiden is a shopping city par excellence.
The nearby Pieterskwartier consists of fifty streets, narrow alleys and attractive courtyards. In this historic district you will find the Gravensteen (early 12th century), the Pieterskerk (a late Gothic church dating from the 12th century) and the Latin School, where Rembrandt van Rijn, among others, went to school. You will also find numerous small-scale shops.

If you leave the hotel and walk to the right, you will pass the Koornbeursbrug, the Burcht and the Hooglandse Kerk.
You will also find plenty of terraces, restaurants and the large shopping area here.

The National Museum of Antiquities, the Museum of Ethnology, Japan Museum Sieboldhuis and the Botanical Garden are all just a few minutes' walk away.

Leiden by boat

Explore Leiden by boat and discover hidden spot that cannot be seen from street lever. Sail past the museums, the Leiden courtyards and the many historic buildings with beautiful facades. There are daily cruises from April to October.
You can also choose to rent a boat and explore the city by boat yourself. We are happy to tell you about the possibilities.